Moto G 3rd Gen Review

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Motorola Moto G has been a fan favorite since it’s introduction and the Moto G 3rd generation is no exception. The 3d generation Moto G is such a big hit that is sold out almost every time you plan on purchasing it. So in this review we will find out how good it is when it comes to the real life scenario.


When it comes to design the Moto G 3rd generation hasn’t changed much except a few design elements on the back of the device. The texture feels great, the bump that every one who used a Moto device loves stays and is also a really nice design aspect. There is also a subtle design change in the case of the camera and overall the Moto G has a really well put design and a solid hardware.


Performance is the area where you will be pleasantly surprised by after using the Moto G for a while. The phone is running pure Android Lollipop right out of the box and everything is really smooth and fluid in terms of performance, I could hardly find any lag during my testing. The Moto G 3rd Gen has a 1.4 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor and a 2 GB RAM. Below are some of the benchmark scores for the Moto G 3rd Gen, take a look at these numbers just in case you are interested.


Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-19-48 Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-19-55 Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-20-15 Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-20-22 Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-22-31 Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-28-15 Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-37-08 Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-37-26 Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-37-33 Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-43-39 Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-43-46 Screenshot_2015-08-16-14-43-52 Screenshot_2015-08-16-15-00-15 Screenshot_2015-08-16-15-00-26 Screenshot_2015-08-16-15-02-08 Screenshot_2015-09-20-12-10-33


The Moto G 3rd Gen has a 13mp rear facing camera with f2.0 aperture, color-balancing dual LED flash, this phone can produce excellent images in day light and also really good images in low light conditions too. But the only issue I personally found with camera is if you take photos in the HDR mode the colors look washed and the images are almost useless, so I do not recommend taking pictures in HDR mode with the Moto G 3rd Gen. Take a look some of these images and judge the camera for yourself. 



So to sum up this review the Moto G 3rd generation continues to hold it’s place as the best bang for buck smartphone in the mid-range category of smartphones.


Review Overview
  • Performance9
  • Camera8
  • Battery9
  • Value for money10
Total Score9.0

The Moto G 3rd Generation is arguably the king of the mid-range smartphones.

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    Wow very nice smart phones in here form Moto. Its have lot of new feature those are more essential for us to use the latest technology in it. I hope the users find so more comfy to use this device.