Xiaomi 16000mah Power bank review

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Xiaomi has done an exceptional job of bringing great products for affordable prices and in the case of it’s 16000mah power bank it is not an exception.


mi powerbank review


The Mi powerbank is wrapped around the anodized aluminum shell which really is elegant to look at and also feels great to hold in the hand, it also makes the device durable. When it comes to the hardware buttons, up top  there is a power button,charging indicator,micro USB port and two USB ports which means you can charge two different devices at the same time. Overall the Mi power bank has a minimalistic design which is very pleasing to the eye and it also serves both form and function.


Mi pwr bank review


At the time of making this review I tested out this device using a iPhone 5 and an iPad Air and you can see the results below,

iPhone 5 – 11 times

iPad Air- 1.3 times

*Note: The iPad Air has 8820mah powered battery when compared to 1440mah powered battery on the iPhone 5.

Mi Power Bank automatically adjusts its output level based on the connected device, It is compatible with smartphones and tablets from wide range of manufacturers.


  • Huge battery
  • when you take a look at cost to value ratio, this thing is bang for your buck.
  • Performs like a champ.


  • The charging cable that comes with it is way too small.

Should you buy it? The answer is a resounding yes, if you are looking for a power bank, the 16000mah power bank is the one you should consider and especially at Rs1399 price tag, this power bank is a steal of a product.

  • Design9
  • Performance9
  • Price10
Total Score9.3

If you are looking to buy a power bank this is where you should be putting your money on.

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