Moto G 2nd Generation review

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Review Overview
  • Design8
  • Build quality8
  • Performance8.5
  • Price10
Total Score8.6

The second generation Moto G is arguably the best bang for your buck if you are looking for a mid range smartphone.



The Moto G 2nd generations 5″ display is arguably the most defining feature of the phone, because I personally think that 5 inches is a perfect screen size not just for the Moto G but for any smartphone. It has decent viewing angles and does the job for most people.


There isn’t much changed when it comes to design, because it has the same design as the first generation Moto G. This phone has a very simple and understated design making it very comfortable to hold in the hand, so if you held a first generation Moto G and you loved it, you will love this phone even better. The only striking difference is that the second generation Moto G has two front facing speakers. Even though the second generation Moto G has a 5″ screen the phone feels very light to hold in the hand when compared to the first generation Moto G.


The second generation Moto G’s camera has been bumped up to a 8 MP rear facing camera and a 2 MP front facing camera. Although shots taken during the day looks great, the second generation Moto G struggles when it comes to low light performance. Below are some of the shots taken straight from the second generation Moto G’s camera, so judge the picture quality for yourself.







Since the second generation Moto G has near stock android, running applications and switching between apps is really smooth. I personally haven’t noticed any lag during my usage. With the android L update, I’m pretty sure the device will run much smoother and it will improve the overall experience. Below is the video comparing both the first generation and second generation Moto G, have a look,



The battery life of Moto G is one of the most surprising thing about the phone since Motorola have decided to include the same battery as that of the first generation Moto G. Although I was able to survive almost a day on full charge, I seriously doubt whether I will be able to do so with heavy usage.


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