Meet Dodocase, a charging stand for the Apple watch

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The Apple watch might not be available yet, but a company called Dodocase have already made a charging stand for it. The charging stand has the looks to match the Apple watch, below are some of the key features of the charging stand.

Key features:

  • Made from Reclaimed California Orchard Walnut
  • American tanned Leather
  • Carved relief for wire routing
  • Travel mode allows you to easily wrap cable and charger in one package
  • Magnetic inductive charger housing provides quick, easy lift-off (cable not provided)
  • Space age Japanese suction cup material, grabs mounting surface for sturdy placement and one handed watch lift off but leaves no adhesive residue
  • Natural linseed oil finish for protection and beauty
  • Handcrafted in San Francisco

The first 100 of those who purchase the charging stand from Dodocase will be numbered, so if that is something you care about then pre-order now. The Dodocase Apple watch charging stand will be priced around $60-$80 and will be shipped when the Apple watch is released, you can make a $5 deposit which goes towards the final price. For more information about this product, please make sure to visit the source link below.

Via: Uncrate
Source: Dodocase

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