Apple announces Apple Watch, it’s first entry into wearables

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Apple has finally announced what is arguably the most anticipated product announcement of the year, the Apple watch. There is a ring on the side which Apple calls it the Digital crown which lets you navigate through the watch precisely. You can magnify content, scroll through lists and messages, and make selections all without obstructing the screen.


Apple watch has a Flexible Retina display which is laminated to a single crystal of sapphire. Underneath the watch there are visible light LED’s and photo sensors that can detect your pulse rate. You can also send messages with the watch like preset phrases, smart responses based on your conversation, audio messages and interactive emojis.


Apple Watch comes with two apps that gives a complete picture of your health and fitness. The Activity app monitors movement throughout the day. The Workout app tracks dedicated workouts. Surprisingly there is no word on battery life.


The Apple watch comes in three distinctive collections to match your style. Apple Watch requires iPhone, It works with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, and 6 Plus. Apple Watch will start at $349 and will be available early next year.

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