App Eater makes removing android apps a whole lot easier

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Have you ever tried removing multiple apps on your android device and wondered there should be a better way of doing so? Well, say hello to app Eater which makes removing android apps as easy as it should be. App Eater goes one step further and puts control in users hands by allowing them to lock individual apps that they use the most from accidentally removing them and then remove all the unwanted apps. See the app in action by watching the video below.

App Eater’s home screen consists of three different sections – last installed, last updated and most used apps. You can also dive into a list view where you have all the apps that are present on your android device which can be sorted by name,install date,update date and size. So if you are looking to do a spring cleaning on your android device then this app is a must have and best of all, this app is absolutely free. Hit up the source link to download the application.

Via: CultofAndroid
Source: Google play store

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