Alleged iPhone 6 prototype images leaked

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iphone 6 leaked

An anonymous Twitter user posted a few images of what is supposed to be the iPhone 6. Sonny dickson, who has accurately leaked the iPhone parts previously also mentioned on his site that he is not sure whether these backings are accurate or not. As rumors suggests, the leaked images shows us that the iPhone has a larger display and also a bezel free display. Although, by the looks of it it’s hard to say whether the display is made up of sapphire crystal or not. Even though no one is really sure whether these images are legit or not, but it gives us an idea of what the next generation of iPhone might look like. Check out more images posted by the twitter user below,

iphone-6-proto-2 iphone-6-proto-3 iphone-6-proto iphone 6 leaked

These leaked images looks very similar to the design of the iPod touch and iPad Air and it will interesting to see how the final device will end up.


Images Credit: @mornray886
Via: iDownloadblog, 9to5Mac
Source: Sonny dickson

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