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So I got sick and tired of replacing batteries once in a while for both my keyboard and magic mouse and I was looking for a wireless charger and I came across the Mobee Magic feet. It made perfect sense to me to get this device because this is the product that I’m exactly looking for at that point. I will try to keep this review short and concise, so bear with me.


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If there is one thing that I could give a perfect 10 out of 10, it has to be the design. This is the only device that I have seen that could match the design of Apple, It has got this simple and elegant design that helps remove desktop clutter.

Simply put it, the Mobee magic feet is just downright beautiful!

Battery Life:

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In order to start using this device, simply replace your AA batteries with Mobee’s rechargeable battery cylinder and slide the keyboard or trackpad into the base station and you are done. It takes about 10 hour’s for the keyboard,magic mouse or trackpad to get fully charged. I have done various number of test’s and the Apple wireless keyboard lasted me for around more than two weeks and the magic mouse lasted for about 6 days on full charge.

Note: In order to charge the magic trackpad, you need to buy the battery pack separately.


  • You can use the keyboard while the device is being charged.
  • You can charge up to 4 different devices via USB.


  • If you use a magic trackpad instead of a magic mouse, you can’t charge both the trackpad and keyboard simultaneously.
  • It takes about 10 freaking hour’s for both the devices to finish charging.


Well at this time of the review you might be thinking, why do I need to spend a lot of money on this device when I can simply buy batteries, but the idea here is to not use AA or disposable batteries and in the process save the environment. Mobee claims that you can recover the purchase cost of Mobee’s Magic feet within one year of home usage or six months of office usage. So If you are planning to get a wireless charger for your Keyboard and Magic mouse, take a look at this product.

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