Microsoft might introduce non-Windows operating system

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According to reports from ZDNet, Microsoft is working on a non-Windows operating system and Microsoft has started working on the OS since 2008. The operating system is called “Midori” and sources have revealed that the project, which is now part of the Unified Operating System group under Executive Vice President Terry Myerson, has language, codenamed “M#”, (M Sharp). Aleks Bromfield, a former member of the Midori language team who has joined Google’s Developer Infrastructure group in July 2013, has explained what Microsoft’s target is with M#.

We’re like Rust in that we want to maximize safety and performance, and we’re willing to add fancy type system features to get there. We’re like Go in that we want to be simple and approachable, in much the same way that .Net attempted to simplify programming. We’re like D in that we want the language to feel very familiar to devs using an existing language (C# for us, C++ for them) — just better. Developers theoretically could use M# to build any kind of application, including line-of-business ones. The idea is that M# should be the lowest-level language that you’ll ever need. It sits at the very bottom of the stack. But it’s also safe and productive enough to be appropriate for writing higher-level systems, like Web services.

Via: BGR India
Source: ZDNet


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    windows operating system might be bring out by Microsoft. But Microsoft was
    very popular for their windows base operating system. Most of the pc user
    using windows as the operating system.