Apple might allow Siri to sort through iOS photos

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According to a recent patent application by Apple you might be able to ask Siri to sort through your iOS photos. As first discovered by AppleInsider the filing, entitled “Voice-Based Image Tagging and Searching,” describes associating “natural language” text strings with photographs saved on a device, like an iPhone. Apple’s system would also allow users to tag and search for photos based on people’s location,name and more using their voice. In one example provided by Apple, a user tells their device, “This is me at the beach,” and the corresponding picture will be tagged accordingly.

AppleInsider has given various examples:

Apple’s system could even recognize faces, buildings or landscapes to tag similar photos. For example, by a user telling Siri that they are captured in a photograph, the system could then intelligently tag other photos that capture the user’s face.

With users taking tons of pictures using their iOS devices this patent makes a lot of sense since it will be easier for people to sort through the pictures and find the right one’s they are looking for using just their voice.

Source: USPTO

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