Signature Acoustics C-12 Elements Review

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SA iPhone

Signature Acoustics is an Indian brand and you will be quite surprised to see what they have actually pulled off with this product. The C-12’s are extremely well packed and to get a taste of what it’s like to unbox the product, check out the unboxing video below.

The company claims that C-12 name is derived from Periodic Table , element Carbon with 12 being the natural occurring isotope. My first impressions looking at this product is that they feature a very simple yet elegant design. One of the things that stand out upon first look is the wooden construction and when it comes to sound, wood is good. I have also done the video review which is linked below.

Build quality:-

SA logo

These earphones are inspired by nature, hence the reason why they have chosen to use wood which makes these earphones very light to hold in the hand and also on the ears. The company’s logo is engraved on the back of the earphones which looks really elegant. Initially I was worried about the cable because it felt really delicate, but after using them for a couple of days I can confidently say that they are very durable. These earphones also feature a tangle-free cable which is always a welcome addition. Along with earphones they have also provided a carrying pouch which is made out of leather and the carrying pouch is hand made and I really appreciate the effort that went into making the pouch. We can also order a brass case which is optional and you need to pay extra, but the leather pouch that came with these earphones is also a welcome addition.

SA Pouch


Since these earphones are made out of wood they feel very light on your ears and they do not cause any strain to your ear canal. They have also included eartips in three different sizes S,M,L but the ones that came with the earphone fits perfectly to my ears.


I have spent over two weeks listening to these earphones and all I can say is these earphones have a very tight bass and they don’t over power bass like some other earphones. Although I must point out that you will have to wait for about 30 hours for the sound to settle in. Vocals sound pretty good on these earphones, you can hear every instrument the way artist wants you to hear and the best way to experience them is by sitting in a quiet room.


So if you consider the cost to value ratio, you probably won’t get a better earphone especially at this price range.


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