Apple has announced iPhone 5s

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Apple has announced the iPhone 5s and yes it also comes in a gold color as seen in the picture above.The phone has a new A7 chip that’s been reengineered for 64-bit architecture and it is much faster.It also has the 8-megapixel camera and a new f/2.2 aperture sensor is 15 percent larger than the previous one, and a redesigned flash can blend its two LED lights to preserve a scene’s natural color balance.There are also other features like a burst mode that captures a series of pictures and picks the best one.


The long rumored fingerprint sensor is also announced and it is called Touch ID it’s a substitute for the traditional PIN or password.Apple claims that no matter from which angle you put your finger on it has no problem recognizing.Apple’s also promising the fingerprint will only be stored locally and says you’ll never see it uploaded to iCloud or any other Apple server.Pre-orders for the device starts from september 13th and it will hit the stores on september 20th.

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