Apple announced iOS 7,a major redesign since the introduction of operating system

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iOS 7

Apple today has showed of its new operating system.With jony ive leading the team so much is expected from the company.The whole operating system has been completely redesigned and yet it remains very familiar.It is lot more flat as it was rumored and also very colorful,everything is simplified and they got rid of the real world representation in some areas of the operating system.They improved safari and added control centre which is sort of like a quick access to the wifi,bluetooth and other settings.Airdrop is also been implemented into iOS 7 so now we can share files between different apple devices.Multi tasking has got a card view and it is strikingly reminiscent of webOS with large previews of each app.Siri also got a redesign and wikipedia has been integrated.Now the web result wont take you into browser but instead it shows the result right in the siri interface itself.Camera app is also redesigned and it now supports filters.The developer preview of iOS 7 is available today and it will be available to public this fall.

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