iphone 5s could include 12MP camera with improved low light shooting

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There are several reports out of vietnam that the next iphone could possibly have a 12MP camera with an improved low light shooting capabilities. Since the iphone 4s apple has been stuck with the 8 MP count for its phones and ofcourse apple has a case where it says mega pixel count isnt that much of a big deal according to them.But the jump from 8MP to 12MP and also the night shoot mode is something that the company needs to implement in order to compete with the other devices like the Nokia lumia 920 which claims to have the best low light imaging on a smartphone to date. Apple’s iphone 5s definetly needs a jump in the mega pixels and also a change in its interface for their upcoming ios 7 and with jony ive leading the team it is likely that the change might happen.

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