AppGratis CEO claims apple is destroying value in it ecosystem

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AppGratis CEO Simon Dawalt  have written a story in AppGratis site explaining his frustration over the removal of the app from the app store.Previously App Gratis has gone through a number of rejections for breaking App Store guidelines in situations that were later resolved with Apple.He claims apple is destroying value in its eco system but is but more than ever convinced that what he is doing is good, and accomplishing a much needed mission in a broken App Discovery world.He also said that even though the app is removed everything stays the same.

Even if our iOS apps are momentarily unavailable, your app recommendation service, AppGratis, is very much up and running. If you’re part of the 12 million lucky people to have downloaded our app before last Friday, know that it will keep updating everyday with new free apps and cool discounts. So will our website, and so will our daily newsletter.

Our iOS apps may have been unavailable now for a few days, but at the same time, a few million free apps have been downloaded through AppGratis since last Friday. So for now, it’s business as usual in AppGratis’s world.

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